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Dive into a world of passion and desire with our collection of the best sex stories near you. Explore a variety of genres and find the perfect story to ignite your fantasies.

Welcome to the ultimate destination for sex stories guaranteed to tantalize and arouse. Whether it's a first-person narrative or a steamy tale, we have a wide selection of enticing stories that unfold in your vicinity. Experience the thrill of forbidden encounters and romantic rendezvous, all with the convenience of browsing within your neighborhood.


The Who - Sensation The Story Of Tommy
An explosive performance of Tommy's classic opera as told by all four original band members.
The Who - Sensation The Story Of Tommy
Experience the Meaning of Everything
Meet Me in Los Feliz: A Hot Holiday Novella (Holidays in LA Book 1)
A captivating holiday romance that'll warm your cockles and tingle your naughty bits.
Meet Me in Los Feliz: A Hot Holiday Novella (Holidays in LA Book 1)
Dear Girls Above Me: Inspired by a True Story
You don't want to put it down...until you're finished and then you're sad it's over.
Dear Girls Above Me: Inspired by a True Story
Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the World's Greatest Secret
Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the World's Greatest Secret
Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the World's Greatest Secret
Summer of 84
A chilling tale of teenage suspicion and paranoia.
Summer of 84
Exes Brawling: A Collection of Short Catfight Stories
Indulge in a Sizzling Selection of Catfights Unleashed Between Exes!
Exes Brawling: A Collection of Short Catfight Stories
The Who - Sensation The Story Of Tommy The Who - Sensation The Story Of Tommy


  • Vividly encapsulates the energy and soul of The Who's original theatrical opera.
  • Offers a captivating portrayal of Tommy's journey and mesmerizing music.


  • Somewhat outdated visuals affect the overall viewing experience.
  • Limited bonus content could have greatly enhanced the musical's backstory.

Step into a cinematic wonderland with The Who - Sensation The Story Of Tommy, an electrifying film adaptation of the band's iconic theatrical opera. Witness the unbridled energy and musical prowess of The Who as they bring Pete Townshend's masterpiece to life.
Feel the raw emotion and passion as the members of The Who, led by the enigmatic Roger Daltrey, portray the characters of Tommy's fantastical journey. The film masterfully captures the essence of the original opera, offering a thrilling musical experience that will leave you spellbound and begging for more.

While the film is a captivating work of art, its visual aspects admittedly reveal their age. The effects and techniques employed, although groundbreaking for their time, may fail to match contemporary expectations. Additionally, the inclusion of bonus content delving into the making of the film and providing context for The Who's groundbreaking work would have elevated the overall experience.

42 42


  • Scintillating performance from Chadwick Boseman.
  • Deep meditation on the riddles of life.


  • Pacing can be inconsistent.

42 is an enigmatic cinematic journey that unravels the secrets of life, the universe, and everything. Led by Chadwick Boseman's mesmerizing performance, the film probes deep into humanity's quest for knowledge and fulfillment. From the outset, 42 captivates with a series of intricate puzzles and riddles that gradually lead the viewer down a path of self-discovery.

At its core, 42 is a profound examination of what it means to be human. It explores the themes of mortality, consciousness, and the eternal search for meaning. The film's strength lies in its ability to present these complex ideas in a thought-provoking and engaging manner. 42 is not merely an intellectual exercise; it's an invitation to embark on a journey of self-exploration and introspection.

Meet Me in Los Feliz: A Hot Holiday Novella (Holidays in LA Book 1) Meet Me in Los Feliz: A Hot Holiday Novella (Holidays in LA Book 1)


  • Steamy and sensual scenes that will leave you panting for more.
  • Well-developed and relatable characters with sizzling chemistry.


  • Predictable plot.
  • Some readers may find the sex scenes a bit too graphic.

Meet Me in Los Feliz is a hot holiday romance that will warm your cockles and tingle your naughty bits. Kelly Reynolds weaves a tale of forbidden love and steamy encounters that will keep you hooked from beginning to end.

The story centers around Emily, a workaholic who's determined to make partner at her law firm. But when she meets Alex, a charming and irresistible artist, she finds herself torn between her career and her heart's desire. Emily initially tries to resist Alex's advances, but she eventually gives in to their undeniable chemistry. What starts as a simple fling soon becomes something much more as they fall head over heels in love.

Dear Girls Above Me: Inspired by a True Story Dear Girls Above Me: Inspired by a True Story


  • Received critical acclaim upon its release in 2015.
  • This book is a beautiful exploration of the complexity of relationships.


  • The ending was a little too neat and tidy for my taste.
  • It's a little slow at the beginning.

Dear Girls Above Me is based on a true story, it's about a young boy named Charles who falls in love with the girl who lives upstairs. The girl, who is older than Charles, is initially hesitant to start a relationship with him. But eventually, she gives in and they begin a passionate love affair. However, their relationship is not without its challenges. The girl's parents disapprove of her relationship with Charles, and she is forced to choose between her family and her love for him.

The book is beautifully written, and it's easy to see why it received critical acclaim upon its release in 2015. McDowell does a great job of capturing the complexities of relationships, and he creates characters that are both relatable and realistic. The novel is also very well-paced, and it keeps you guessing until the very end. If you're looking for a beautiful and moving love story, then I highly recommend Dear Girls Above Me.

Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the World's Greatest Secret Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the World's Greatest Secret


  • Stars Steven M. Greer
  • Runtime: 90 minutes


  • May not appeal to non-believers
  • Some viewers may find the presentation to be too one-sided

Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the World's Greatest Secret is a 2017 documentary film directed by Steven M. Greer. The film explores the alleged cover-up of extraterrestrial life and technology by the U.S. government.

The film features interviews with former government officials, scientists, and military personnel who claim to have witnessed or have knowledge of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Greer argues that the government has been hiding the truth about extraterrestrials from the public in order to maintain control.

Unacknowledged is a well-made film that presents a compelling case for the existence of extraterrestrial life. However, the film is also somewhat one-sided, as it does not give much attention to the counterarguments against the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Overall, Unacknowledged is a thought-provoking film that is sure to spark debate.

Blue is the Warmest Color (English Subtitled) Blue is the Warmest Color (English Subtitled)


  • Sensitive and realistic portrayal of a complex and controversial relationship
  • Stunning cinematography and evocative music create a deeply immersive experience


  • Some may find the explicit sexual content disturbing
  • The film's lengthy runtime can make it somewhat challenging to sit through

Blue is the Warmest Color is a powerful and provocative film that explores the complex and often tumultuous nature of love, desire, and identity. The film follows the relationship between two young women, Adele and Emma, as they navigate the challenges of their first love and the expectations of society. The film's explicit and unflinching portrayal of the relationship's highs and lows is sure to spark debate and discussion.

One of the strengths of the film is its sensitive and realistic portrayal of the relationship between Adele and Emma. The two actresses, Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos, deliver powerful and nuanced performances that capture the complexities of their characters. The film's cinematography and music also contribute to the immersive experience, creating a world that is both beautiful and haunting.

Summer of 84 Summer of 84


  • gripping storytelling
  • Atmospheric and eerie
  • strong performances


  • Lack of originality
  • Ending is a bit predictable

Summer of 84 is a coming-of-age story that follows a group of teenagers who suspect that their neighbor is a serial killer. The film is set in the small town of Conway, Oregon, in the summer of 1984. Davey Armstrong (Graham Verchere) is a 15-year-old boy who is fascinated by crime and detective stories. When he starts to notice strange things happening around his neighborhood, he begins to suspect that his neighbor, Wayne Mackey (Rich Sommer), is the Zodiac Killer. Davey and his friends investigate Mackey and gather evidence that convinces them that he is guilty.

Summer of 84 is a well-made film that is both suspenseful and nostalgic. The film's atmosphere is reminiscent of classic 1980s horror films, and the performances from the young cast are excellent. The film is also surprisingly funny at times, and the chemistry between the four friends is believable. Summer of 84 is an entertaining and suspenseful thriller that will appeal to fans of both horror and coming-of-age stories.

Exes Brawling: A Collection of Short Catfight Stories Exes Brawling: A Collection of Short Catfight Stories


  • Unleash the fiery passion of catfights between former lovers with Exes Brawling.
  • Prepare yourself for a collection of captivating tales that will leave you on the edge of your seat.
  • Witness the sparks fly as these exes reignite their rivalry in epic clashes filled with claws and fury.


  • While the stories may pack a punch, some readers may find the focus on physical confrontations repetitive.

Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-pumping literary experience with Exes Brawling! This tantalizing collection of short catfight stories will set your Kindle ablaze with fiery conflicts and sizzling confrontations. Brace yourself for a whirlwind of emotions as former lovers clash in epic battles that will leave you craving more.

Each story in this enthralling anthology invites you to delve into the tumultuous aftermath of broken relationships. Feel the heat escalate as exes collide in explosive encounters. This electrifying collection is a must-have for any enthusiast of tantalizing catfights and the raw emotions that fuel them. Get ready to witness the sparks fly in Exes Brawling, a literary masterpiece that will leave you breathless.

Age Of Adaline Age Of Adaline


  • Blake Lively's mesmerizing performance
  • Captivating story of love and immortality


  • Slow pacing at times
  • Ending could have been more impactful

Prepare yourself for a cinematic voyage that knows no bounds of time with Age Of Adaline, where love defies the relentless hand of aging. Blake Lively shines with her captivating portrayal of Adaline, a timeless beauty condemned to an everlasting youth. This film weaves a spellbinding tapestry of passion, longing, and the poignant pursuit of connection despite the constraints of an atypical existence.

Spanning across decades, Age Of Adaline delves into the complexities of love's tenacity when normal human experiences are stripped away. Adaline's life becomes an extended dance with solitude as she watches the world around her age and pass, while she remains frozen in an eternal youth. The film deftly explores the longing for companionship and the price of immortality, questioning the very essence of what it means to live a fulfilling life.

The Turn Out The Turn Out


  • Sexually explicit content that leaves nothing to the imagination.
  • Thought-provoking and will have you questioning your own beliefs.


  • May not be suitable for all audiences.
  • Can be disturbing for some viewers.

“The Turn Out” is a sexually explicit film that follows the journey of a young man as he comes to terms with his sexuality. The film is unflinching in its depiction of the harsh realities of life for gay people and is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

James J. Gagne Jr. gives a powerful performance as the lead character, and his portrayal of the character's inner turmoil is both heartbreaking and inspiring. The film is beautifully shot and the soundtrack is haunting. Overall, “The Turn Out” is a powerful and moving film that is sure to stay with viewers long after the credits roll. If you're looking for a film that will challenge your beliefs and make you think, then I highly recommend “The Turn Out”. Just be warned, the film is not for the faint of heart. But if you're willing to open yourself up to the experience, you'll be rewarded with a film that is both thought-provoking and unforgettable.

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